Springfree Vs Spring-based Trampoline

The overall safety of trampolines has increased a lot over the past few decades. This is good news for consumers because it allows for a much safer operating of them. In fact, a couple of decades ago, it would be very rare to see one with a safety net. However, in today’s marketplace, you would be hard-pressed to find one without one included. The market is simply going towards better safety in various ways. In fact, the new trend is trampolines being manufactured without springs.

What Is A SpringFree Trampoline?

The inventor of the SpringFree, Dr. Keith Alexander, noticed all the injuries that were happening as a result of landing on the springs, so it only made sense to come up with a safer design. This actual invention wasn’t created overnight, and it took years and years to come up with a design that worked well.

A SpringFree product does not require springs to function. This is important because in the United States, there are over 100,000 kids injured every single year on trampolines, and it is primarily a direct result of the inclusion of the springs. The SpringFree production model solves both of these problems by completely eliminating the need for springs and by also including a standard enclosure safety net.

Benefits Of SpringFree trampolines:

Flexible Edges

One of the biggest problems with springs is the fact that they are so rigid and inflexible; it can pose a serious safety hazard. A lot of different things can happen. For instance, your leg could get caught in between the spring functions which can cause serious damage and in some cases, you might even lose your leg due to the close proximity of the springs to the frame.

Whereas, with the SpringFree, the flexible edges combined with the expanded section between the actual frame and the jumping pad allows for much more room to fall without harming yourself. Not to mention, there are no holes that you are going to be able to fall down on/into in the first place due to the sections being covered up where the holes would traditionally be located.


Another benefit of SpringFree is the fact that they are made to be much more stable than traditional spring-based models. The legs on spring trampolines are typically very loose and flexible, which can cause a much higher chance the unit collapses.

Whereas, the SpringFree is specially designed to be more sturdy due to the actual design elements that went into creating the SpringFree technology. Because it is held up with rods instead of springs, the entire base of the product is much more sturdy than springs. Overall, there are many differences that go into the SpringFree design. It is simply the better and safer way to jump around.