kids playing on trampoline

Fun Trampoline Games to Play

You don’t need any frills or extras when you’re using a trampoline. Simply being able to bounce up and down can be a lot of fun. With that said, you can have an even better time with your trampoline if you try a few games. There are all kinds of fun trampoline games to play, and most of them are child-friendly. If you want to get more out of your trampoline, give these games a try.

Fun Games You Can Play On Your Trampoline

Poison Ball

In this game, children have to avoid making contact with “poisoned” balls. This game can be a lot of fun, and can encourage kids to exercise their imaginations. To play, place between two and five soft rubber balls on the trampoline. From there, allow the children to start jumping. If someone is touched by a rubber ball, they are poisoned, and must leave the jumping pad. If you’d like, more balls can be added every time a child leaves the game. Before long, the balls will be impossible to avoid.

Hatch The Chicken

In this game, one player will pretend to be a chicken that is still trapped in the egg. The other players will have to do their best to “hatch” them by bouncing around them until their shell comes free. To play, have one person sit in the middle of the trampoline with their legs folded into their chest. They should hold onto their legs with their hands. The other players will need to bounce around them until the player can no longer hold the position. When that happens, the chicken has been “hatched,” and another player can take their place.

Speed Sit

This game requires players to sit down as quickly as they can. It’s great for children who love to bounce as high as they can. All of the children playing should stand on the trampoline. On the count of three, everyone will need to sit as quickly as possible. If they time things right, they should all fly high into the air. If you play this game, it’s best to limit the number of players. If too many children are on the jumping area, they may wind up bouncing into each other and cracking heads.

Blind Mummy

If you’re looking for a break from bouncing, this game can be a lot of fun. It simply requires a blindfolded child to walk around the trampoline. When playing this game, children will need to decide who the mummy will be. The mummy will then put on a small blindfold. After counting to 10, they will move across the pad, trying to catch other players as quickly as they can. For extra fun, they may want to shout things like “who’s in my tomb?” When they catch a player, the blindfolded child will have to identify them. If they are right, that child will then become the mummy. If they are wrong, they will have to keep trying to find a victim.